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We have some ready made text if you would like a few words on there.  

It comes in two type fonts, Futura and Parisienne, that will be drawn on by hand.

Do you have to have text on your certificate?

No, you don't, it takes up a lot of space.

Yes, maybe you only want your names and the date, or the first stanza of text.  


We can make small changes to this wording, or if you would like to provide your own we can work with you, but keep in mind, it takes up a lot of space and not every type font will work.

Can you shorten the text?

We recommend using Black Sakura Micron Pens or Prismacolor Illustration Markers, size 05.

You can add these onto your order.  We recommend buying 2-3 for the event.

If you want to use your own pens make sure you test the pen first to make sure it doesn't bleed on the paper.  Most important is that it's a pigment pen that is archival and fade-proof. 

Sometimes, with the lighter colored paper, using a grey color instead of black looks better.  We will let you know if this is a good option.


Font Choices

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